The Real Story of Any Religion Lies in It’s History!

Welcome to the first edition of The Paxton Papers, a blog dedicated to the  exploration of the histories of the various religious organizations throughout human history.  Since this is our first issue, we thought it apropos to make this an issue of “firsts” in history.  We’ve included The First Humans; The First Christians; The First New Years Celebrations; The First Organized Religion; and The First Civilization;  and more.    Each month, we will add thouroughly researched content based on the newest information available, which describes differing groups of religious followers and the organized religions they form.  We will discover “When”, “How” and “Why” each group came to be.  Each vetted historical account is an adventure of intrigue and enlightenment,  the most exciting part of any organized faith.

And if you find you have questions that have not been answered, drop us a line.  We’ll be glad to look into your concerns, and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for taking an interest in our work.  We truly believe that this information can help all of mankind venture beyond his barbaric need for religious warfare and discrimination.


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