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All Living Things ARE God…..

“A bright flash of light marks the incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg.”

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Who or what is “GOD”? Is it a force, an indescribable entity, or an alien race that manipulated our evolution? Or is it described accurately by any organized group of “faith” believers?

by Kat Kent, Dec 29, 2016

Recorded history is filled to the brim with verifiable information regarding the origination and formation of all organized religious sects that have existed as far back as 240,000 years ago. Each year, more translations are made, more items are found that explain man’s link to the Gods. Besides being the most interesting and thus far lasting phenomenon known to man, it can also provide us with information to begin to unite as a people . . . not through our religions but in spite of them. This websites purpose is to bring that vetted historic information to seekers of the same, without the corruptions of blind faith. Religion was never meant to unite, but to segregate and dominate in a mostly tribal society. It was both the political and spiritual guidance for early man, read or quoted to the illiterate masses in order to guide them to a more organized and fruitful way of life. It served its purpose in its time. But we have evolved. It is our hope that man can find a way to exist in peace without these corrupted cults and their continued negative influences.

What you wont find here. . .

is the ultimate proof that God does not exist.   You won’t find that here….or anywhere.  The truth is that we cannot definitively prove that there is no God, since we cannot prove there is one.  You cannot disprove the unproven.  In our world, science is king.  Sometimes a well tested learned opinion is the best we have. We know it is worlds and many intellects beyond “blind faith”. And science leans towards the notion that there is no intelligent force with it’s thumb on the pulse of the universe.

What you will find here . . .

are narratives or articles based on vetted history, using the latest available sources as well as the old tried and true. We identify all our sources, and provide our source informationat the bottom of each article.  As new documentation is made available, we review it and report our findings.  We also have links and invite comment on our Flipboard Magazine, where you will find other relevant news items concerning organized religion and its continued effects on mankind.

We know that early religions were formed as political groups whose purpose was to manage tribal society and go to war. The gods were their tools to gain support among the people. Fear of those gods’ wrath was a tool for oppression as well as law. We have come a long way since with massive illiteracy being eradicated. We have political systems to govern our treatment of each other and to manage the common resources.  Organized religion is no longer relevant to our way of life except to continue to comfort it’s followers while continuing to cause strife to those who choose other beliefs to follow.  There is a better, more humanitarian way to live, and putting behind the ancient myths of the god heads is the first step to taking personal responsibility for everything we think, do or say. Mankind must unite and cooperate for our species to survive, and we are reaching a critical point in our evolution where it must happen soon.

A Word of Warning to Believers

There will be no proof of your beliefs here. Quite the contrary. History will not be kind to religion no matter which one it happens to be. Even my own godless philosophy has not been spared.  Church doctrine provides no legitimate historic sources or references except in the differences among them or their various editions. Myths will be exposed as edited plagiarisms, forgeries and falsehoods, much of the doctrine contradicting even itself. And various religious stories will be told and retold using the names of many gods, goddesses, spirits, angels and demons purported to have existed throughout the ages. There will be no evidence of their existence in the real world. No historical references to them exist at all…no birth or death records, wills, marriages, mentions of them in historic literature…nothing. But there are many references to the real creators of the various sects and their purposes for doing so. The gods were their self made cheerleaders.  Organization of any belief system has led to it’s corruption, some much more than others, but none left untouched.  If you are not ready to know the facts behind the inventions of “faith”, you will be very disappointed.  And that’s only if you can make it through the denial stage. Now is the time to ask yourself “Am I ready to take this journey and ready to know the cold hard truth about my religion and it’s creators?” If you have the slightest doubt, say no, drag your courser to the upper right corner of this page and hit the X.

Where does this information come from originally?

There are many translations of some of the ancient writings being used today. Some are heavily influenced by religious scholars always trying to find (or manufacture) proof of their various cult beliefs. We use those only to compare doctrine for plagiarisms, forgeries, edits, etc. Many times, translators who grew up speaking or studying the ancient languages were found to be better than their college educated counterparts when determining the meaning of the of writings. As much as possible, we try to utilize all available information to describe the contents of ancient writings. And then there are historic records. Yes they did exist. Historians have been writing about events since writing was invented, even before with pictures. The Roman era, for example was the most recorded part of human history. There are records of almost every event. And the records suddenly quit existing when it comes to substantiating the claims of various church leaders and doctrine.  What we can say with certainty, is that history provided a very clear and precise evolutionary trail of doctrine and belief, each new one drawing on those past to form new gods, new rules, new prophecies. But it is all traceable back to the oldest know myths, and probably before that. We try to take nothing out of context and twist it’s meaning.  The references are there to let you decide for yourself.  But there is much more to be answered.  If there is a particular group we have not written about yet, feel free to drop us a line at the email address on our contact page.  Or if you have pertinent information on any of the articles here, we would love to view it for possible inclusion in our studies. This is an ongoing project, and as new finds are made, I am sure there will be items needing updating to include any new information available.  So, are you ready? If you have been limiting yourself to a singular religious source for this information, be prepared to be surprised at some of the revelations you will find here. And be prepared to look outside of the narrowly defined religious denominational boxes the churches have presented you with. Without further ado, let’s go……….

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