The History of Religion is Another Story Altogether!

Most people learn about a particular religion from it's clergy, who focus on beliefs and dogma. The truly interesting story of any religion is how it came to be. Who created it and why? Where and when was it first created and practticed? And how are the various groups similar, as well as different?.....READ MORE

The Origins of the New Year Celebration

Is this year end holiday like others with origins steeped in religion, or more tied to the pagan rituals celebrating the change in the season itself?....READ MORE

The First Humans: Were the cavemen real?

This question has been asked more than once, usually from a believer in the evangelical or fundamentalist Christian sects. Why the confusion on such an elementary subject? ...READ MORE

Christianity 153 Years Before Jesus?

Many people believe that Christianity arose and became a prominent belief in the world almost overnight. Suddenly the Jesus Christos appeared and the world changed. History debunks that theory rather gregariously....READ MORE

The Original Jesus and the Aeons

The earliest cult of the Jesus “Christos” mentioned by early church fathers was the “Ebionites”, which formed around 30CE. Their name comes from the Hebrew word “ebyonim” meaning “the poor”. Eusebius, an early Greek historian of Christianity and one of the fathers of the Christian Church, tells us this group formed in a village called Choba, near Palestine. Formerly known as. . . READ MORE